WM gets the Dummy

dummyThe Worshipful Master of Lodge Ethos received the Baby Master’s Dummy at our regular meeting on Wednesday (19th Nov.).

The Meeting major work for the evening was for the Initiation of Mr. Jules DeDomenico. Nearly all of the new Ethos team were at the stations for the meeting. The Team did well.

WBro. David Graham (WM of Lodge Caledonia) then presented the small golden dummy to the WM at the conclusion of the evenings work. The dummy is held by the WM until the next WM is installed from a Master Mason Brother. The dummy will now be passed on to Bro. Chris Gorman, pure and unsullied as the WM received it at their next Q’beyan working evening.

Chris was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon at Q’beyan St. Andrew on Saturday, 22nd November and so he is now qualifies as the latest “Baby Master”.

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