What does Freemasonry offer me personally?

What’s ┬áin it for me? That is a question that more and more men ask. As our time is valuable, and with the demands of life and family on you, why should you invest your spare time to join?

How do the teachings of an organisation that was founded in the late 16th Centuryca487cfed099332050ec6a72214a6d99 be able to help me in the 21st?

Well like most things, the basic building blocks which today’s technological world is based on, have never changed. It is just in this electronic age, we see the finished product with out knowing how it came together. While that does not affect your enjoyment of its working, knowing how it works is always more satisfying and provides you with more confidence and security.


You have found Lodge Ethos’ website, because you are searching for something. Idle curiosity can be satisfied on many sites on the internet, so this site will not bore you with pages and pages of information. Freemasonry is not something you can read and know. It is experiences shared in the participative ceremonies that reinforce the basic principals of the order.



Many people find that life in the modern world does not allow enough time for family, community or themselves. They believe that basic principles of society such as honesty, consideration for others and open mindedness can be lost in an increasingly cynical and insular society.

Freemasonry believes that these principles are the essential building blocks of any positive and nurturing society. It offers a community of people who share a belief that humanity can choose to be noble and honourable and welcomes like minded individuals to participate.

Freemasonry offers men an opportunity to develop insights into philosophical ideals, which espouse the core values of prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice.

Prudence is to help us make the right decisions; temperance keeps us on the straight and narrow; fortitude promotes self confidence and strong esteem; and justice provides us with guidance in life.

Members are also provided with training in self-development, which includes public speaking, mentoring, tolerance, communication skills and self-confidence.

The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead