No one will ever ask you to join Freemasonry, you have to ask!!!

This is because the quest for knowledge is a personal one, and as you have already learnt, there are things you do because you are expected to do them, and there are the things you do because you want to do them.

To benefit from what you learn as a Mason you must want to learn. The desire to become a “better man”, more useful to your family and society in general can only come from within.


If you can answer in the affirmative to all these question then you are ready to start your journey in Freemasonry.LogoFreemasonscolour

  1. Be a Law abiding person;
  2. Have a belief in a Supreme Being; and
  3. Have made this decision to join Freemasonry by his own free will and not for any personal gain or reasons of idle curiosity.

Please note:

Freemasonry is not a religion and is not a substitute for one.



Ethos Statue LogoThe easiest way to enter the fraternity is to ask a Mason how to become a member.

To obtain a membership pack for our Lodge please email the Lodge Ethos Secretary

Please include your Name, contact Phone number, and a brief Description of your Reason for joining.

New South Wales

If you are not in the Canberra region, but are in NSW, please contact the Membership Officer at the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.

Sydney: (02) 9267 9133 or 1800 803 354.

By email: or at